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Unpleasant developments
By Editor

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Theos_talk e-mail list has a longstanding reputation of being an independent theosophical online forum, an online place where anyone interested can freely express her/his ideas, views or comments on various theosophical subjects. In this sense in last two years the Theos_talk e-mail has played an important role in bringing to the readers also news on actual situation in the Theosophical Society - Adyar, which couldn’t be found anywhere else and therefore representing a unique source of information. Among the members of the Theos_talk e-mail list and its readers there are certainly present different points of view on this situation - and until recently all of them found a safe place on this e-mail list. Now it seems that this reverential reputation is being seriously endangered. Already in the past there were some attempts to diminish the importance of certain views by over-flooding them with some irrelevant subjects, but, as far as I know, till now there never occurred an open act to censor a member of the list.

It is my understanding that already for some time a longstanding member of the Theos_talk e-mail list, who is now representing himself as its sole administrator, is trying to impose to its readers his bias views on the situation in the Theosophical Society - Adyar, endlessly repeating definite interpretations of events which has very little in common with the truth and which actually represents distortion of facts, thus indulging himself into information campaign, which could be compared with propaganda of totalitarian regimes.

Recently one of two strongholds of his information campaign, an alleged conspiracy to disenfranchise TS members worldwide by group of GC members, was seriously shaken by inside information represented by Preethi Muthiah. Please, read the republication of her message -


I have a problem with your statement given below about the ultra-secret attempt made by some Council members to veto the last Presidential election results.

Your words: “Thus a handful of proxy-holders decide the questions, and an oligarchy rules instead of democracy. Many members feel that these open proxies are a fertile source of trouble for the TS and theosophical cause and this makes it easy for the current leaders have their way in almost everything. I suspect that this mindset is behind the daring ultra secret failed attempt by a handful of leaders to disenfranchise all of us and de-facto take over of the International Presidency. The proponents seem to have thought that they have an ace and no member would raise any concern.”

The reason I have a problem with understanding your take on this matter is because there is a contradiction in what you say here and what you said in your other message regarding the Brazilian Section showing the TS the way into the future. The contradiction arises solely because - perhaps you are not aware of this so do read carefully - the Brazilian Section of the TS DO NOT have direct voting in their election of a National President/General Secretary. The members of the Brazilian Section, TS, never get to vote in their GS. Nor for that matter do we have one in the Indian Section. So both of these Sections, which are the largest Sections of the TS, have the indirect voting system where members are not involved in voting in their National President or General Secretary, respectively. It is solely because of this that in the Brazilian Section the Ulisses Reidel and his friends and family have ruled roost for several decades now. To my knowledge, Ulisses was NP of the Brazilian Section for three terms, followed by Ricardo Lindemann - a close friend of the Reidels and currently also on the board of the PU (Planetary Union) - and currently the National President is Marcos de Resende, son of Ulisses. They do surely follow in the steps of the Indians and specifically Mrs. Radha Burnier by ensuring that family members and friends are well-looked after in the TS, and hold positions of power and authority.

I do hope you see your contradiction here. On the one hand, you keep talking about the ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise members of the TS from voting in a President and, on the other hand, you advocate the Brazilian Section as the leader in TS’s future.

How contradictory is that, MKR!!!!


It seems therefore that this message has lead to Theos_talk administrator’s decision to disallow any Preethi Muthiah’s further posting on the list for she sent to some other members of Theos_talk an appeal to publish the message which didn’t appeared on the list. Please, read the republication of her message posted by another Theos_talk member -

Hi all,

I received the following message from MK Ramadoss on my private email ... and I have not been able to either post this message or any other on TheosTalk today. If you never hear from me on TheosTalk, please do know it is not because I am dead, but because I am being forced into silence ... only on TheosTalk. In fact, if you could post this message in all on TT, that would be great ... provided of course that MKR lets it out ...

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Dear Preethi:
Theos-talk was setup several years ago by Eldon Tucker and it has proved to be an invaluable Internet forum for theosophists world-wide. Eldon has been semi-retired and not really following day-to-day messages nor doing much of the administrative work. In the circumstances, I have been following the messages and doing the administrative work. For all practical purposes, I am in charge at this time. Your message postings have been getting too personal and extreme and I suggest you should consider the subject closed. I hope you would see this is reasonable and your cooperation would be appreciated.

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