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John Algeo's Statement - Comments by Sampsa Kuukasjärvi

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Algeo mentions in his statement that the last rule change in international rules was done in 2006. The change then was that in a presidential election the names of nominators are to be circulated with the nominees' biographical data and the voting papers to all voters. Also this was Algeo's amendment.

It is a sad fact that the TS doesn't have international rules on its websites.

I respect Algeo for trying to develope the TS with his initiatives to the General Council. However, I think that not everything that Algeo speaks in his recent statement is essential. It is true like he says that many things are indeed better to discuss and decide in small circles like parliament or council, BUT in democracy the possibility to vote for the president directly is very important! Also in the biggest questions membership should vote directly. So there must be a combination of direct and undirect democracy, and this is a way in the western countries. Algeo should be wise enough not to think here with Aristotelian on or off logic!

Algeo doesn't want to acknowledge that there is a huge gap between leaders and ordinary members. Leaders are already accused of authoritaricism ... I am sure that removing the direct vote makes the situation even worse.

The situation is sad. Old people just hang on power even they are 85 and they think they know everything and know the modern life style and can decide everything. Don't they think that they themselves should work more on the grass ground and listen to what members hope?

Also I don't understand why the Indian problems must affect on direct vote internationally. The problems should just be solved in India .

I agree with Algeo with some points. I am not convinced that the Indian direction is good because the Indian section is very old-fashioned. One reason why it has a relatively big membership rate comes simply from Radha being the president. So it is not necessarily a mark of development. The membership rate has declined in the western countries partly because Radha has systematically opposed many changes like openness and the internet use.

Algeo is also right that a tradition is not always good. We remember that Colonel Olcott was elected for president for life, which would be unhealthy today.

The membership decline is discussed openly at least in Finland where I am (so far…?) a member. And our national board is developing its openness and interaction. So things are slowly getting better nationally, but it seems that the international administration is the problem.

Sampsa Kuukasjärvi

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