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Amendments to the Society's Rules and Regulations

Letter to Betty Bland by Editor

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Dear Betty Bland,

In my Comments (26.09.2008) - of the Draft of proposed Amendments to the TS Rules and Regulations I already presented, hopefully in a constructive manner, my “radical” views in regard to the proposed changes. Therefore I would like to use this opportunity (your invitation in the “International Voting Proposal”) to express additional perspective on the process of admission of changes to the TS Constitution.

The way in which the Amendments were proposed is probably usual practice (and completely in accordance with the by-laws) how changes to the TS Rules and Regulations were promoted and then accepted by the General Council of the TS in the latest period or even in the whole history of the Society. Anyhow, considering the circumstances, it turned to be contra productive for those who are striving to improve management and overall functioning of the TS.

The process of implementation of changes to the Constitution is ever, in my opinion, a golden opportunity to inform members about the actual structure of the Society (which they don’t know well) and the reasons for proposed changes and therefore to unite them once more (as in the case of adoption of some new policy and plan of work) under the common interest - Brotherhood.

This opportunity is still here. Warwick Keys expressed his opinion that actual TS Constitution is outdated and that some modern solutions should be adopted. This can be basis for an open discussion between TS’ members about the organization and future of our Society in which voice of every single member should be given an opportunity to express itself.

More over, it can represent also an invitation to other Theosophical Organizations to join the discussion with the hope that the Theosophical Movement will enter the 21 st century once again united and in that way capable to fully realize its mission.

The Theosophical Society should be able to solve its internal problems in a fraternal, constructive and innovative manner if we want to be faithful to our purpose of existence and that our philosophy has any credibility in the eyes of the world.

I know that this message should be in first place send to another address but it seems that that channel is still engulfed and that it is up to those who have come to the open first to accept members’ discontent with the current situation.

I hope that these words can help a little to your good intentions for the future prosperity of the Theosophical Society.

Warmest regards,
Anton Rozman

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