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Perspective by Raquel Rodriguez and reply by Editor - Part II

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Hello Anton,

It took me a while to respond, because it took me a while to read articles you sent me.

I am glad you find of common sense my perspective, but I have to say after reading and getting more information about the whole subject, I have got myself very confused in the sense I really doubt my simple common sense in such a complex subject can help. But as I have been reading I have also been meditating.
Analogy it is better for me to use.
Here in Granada we had buildings and irrigation systems showing great knowledge of the people who constructed them, from the times of Moors. When Christians conquered the kingdom they where also so amazed by the engineer works, they wanted to amplified them, to show they were at least as intelligent or even more. They amplified an irrigation system that using natural wells from the mountain was able to give clean water for house holding, hygiene and farming to all the citizens, rather close to their houses. So, they made more canals and more containers. Not understanding the physical laws of the engineer that had design them, the only thing they could do was to mix clean water with polluted one. In this way, all kind of diseases and pest afflicted the population and here we are in the inauguration of the dark middle ages.

Other amazing buildings where modified on its structure to be also amplified. There is nothing left of the original as with the touching of the structure this became weaker and the whole building had to be reformed in a very different way.
What do I mean with this?
What is the original structure of the Theosophical Society and who their architects? No one who does not fully understand the Mean of the architect and its scientific knowledge should transform such a structure.
I understand that the main object of TS is Brotherhood. This should be enough for people to work on the Theosophical building which central pillar is THE DOCTRINE thought by their architects - Ancient Wisdom.

I also understand that in the building should be room for people of all creeds, and I do not believe that different means contradictory. And who are the ones who are meant to maintain the original structure and teach it?

Should Theosophical Movement be the speaker’s corner of anyone who thinks has understood the doctrine and even more, has amplified it and even gone further than the Masters themselves.

What happens when someone does not accept corrections even when coming direct from the architects and still persist in teaching a Doctrine when he is actually hallucinating and the architects themselves are warning that is a hallucination?
I can imagine some people are resentful. It has to be very hard to work on such a contradictional frame where others people work undo others labor. And all out of goodness. And I understand all points of view should be respected. But what happens when certain point of view becomes insulting? I am not a good person to answer, I have not such patience.
Some people desire that the Society returns to the happy days when HPB was alive, so then what was the basic structure then and what made it crumble? Is it not the cause that made it crumble one day the one that is making it crumble now what it should be corrected?
To the way I see it, Theosophical Society was united when all members trusted their Masters and believed their teachings to be Truth. Truth should awake ones common sense and leave no doubt about it, still for the ones who are still on the beginning on the path, that can not see further, the only way to get a proof of what is being said about further on the path, it is very complicated, at least you are told by a person who has been there and you can trust this person is not lying.
The Masters and HPB, made an extraordinary effort, to proof, they had the authority to talk about a path they had walked themselves and to my point of view, no one but them has proved to be such a developed human being as to become an architect or to transform the original structure.
Theosophical Society was united when everyone thought it was one Truth. Why new teachings should be accepted as theosophical if they are not considered to be Truth for the whole of the Society. I don’t mean they should be denied, if some people want to believe they have the right to do, but why should become part of the structure when not every one agrees.

Maybe any new hypothesis should remain like hypothesis until is proved. How can it be proved? By experience.

Should not any new person claiming to be an architect able to amplify the structure, first proof that he has the experience to do it?
This may make nonsense anyway, I do not know if seeing all that is going on TS at the moment, I would be able not to keep resented, most probably not I have to say I really see a great deal of ingratitude, pride and ego inflation on the whole thing, nothing different however of the problems that affect the whole humanity, myself included.

The one that wants to be in power will keep on the Society to maintain it. The one who loves Truth will keep in the Society to maintain it and so polarized the Society may go on but anyway: The Work was dedicated to all True Theosophists, of every country and of every race, for they called it forth and for them it was recorded.
And it was not in vane!
Warmest Regards,

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Hi Raquel,

It happened that just few days ago I saw on the TV a documentary on Granada in times of Moors and on high culture they were able to achieve. So, I can imagine how inspiring these places are, especially for one of your profession. By the way, architecture was also my prime love and I studied it for couple of years, but because of bad living conditions and serious illness I have to quit it, but anyway later worked in a construction studio for five years.

But let’s go back to the story. I will try to stick with your analogy to present my understanding of the situation.

There appeared a woman who said that there are ruins and countless excerpts in the scriptures of the world which witness that there have ever existed in the world certain knowledge on how to build edifices which reflect the Divine Order. She gathered these excerpts and arranged them in a system of knowledge based on some fundamental principles with the help, as she said, of some Architects. And then she added that one can become an Architect not only by studying this system but above all with the development of inner capabilities to come in direct contact with the Divine Order.

It was then decided that a model edifice will be raised up which will show to the people of the world that knowledge about this special system of construction exists and that it can help them to arrange better and peaceful community life. And it was further decided that anyone can participate in the building who profess respect and kindness towards other builders in the spirit of service to the community, as this is essential for this system of knowledge to work in practice and that the building of the edifice is successful and that community lives in peace.

And the construction began. The foundations were laid down according to the principles and building of the ground-floor was on the way. But there was no peace in the community of builders. There was no agreement on how to proceed. There were quarrels among builders as to the source of knowledge. Some doubted that inspired woman is really in contact with the Architects, others that they are in the contact with the Architects themselves, again others that the Architects do not exist at all. The woman was disappointed and left the building-ground and established a special school for Architects. It seemed that only rare continued to care about the building of the model edifice and that the majority contemplated only on how to become Architects themselves.

The woman passed away and a fight begun among her student-builders who will become head of the school for Architects - and school fell apart. Several minor schools appeared which tried to teach builders how to become Architects and to build model edifices, but none really succeeded. Those students who remained on the original building-ground spoke that the woman and Architects, who supposedly were in touch with them, said that Great Architect will come and will teach student-builders how to finish model edifice to become place of worship for future generations. But Great Architect didn’t come.

Community at large anyway benefited from the student-builders. They revealed to it the system of knowledge which to great extend influenced the community but it didn’t bring peace to it. Professional builders in the community were very happy with the situation as it benefited their business and dependence of the community on their service. And they even decided that they will themselves arrange the false coming of the Great Architect.

But there were some student-builders who realized that the Great Architect arranged things in a way that life itself will represent a school for Architects. They realized that when they really profess respect and kindness towards others and the spirit of service to the community and that when they earnestly build on these foundations and divine principles, they themselves become model edifices of Divine Order.


Student-builders decided to return to the original building-ground and establish atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness in the spirit of service to the community. They decided that they will overcome their individual conceptions on how to continue the construction and allow that new inspiration enlighten their aspirations.


So, dear Raquel, this is my perspective which differs from yours only in regard to the presumption that the “model edifice of Divine Order” was already built. I think that it was not; that its building began but was never really accomplished.

Thank you very much for your thoughts and warmest regards,

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