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Letter to General Council Members of The Theosophical Society

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Mohan Sundar Pandian
President: Besant Lodge, Madras
President: Besant lodge T O S Group Madras
Member: Madras Theosophical Federation
Member: T O S Madras Region
Honorary Director: Indology-Yoga-Academy, Madras


All General Council Members of The Theosophical Society

Dear Brothers,

It was a sad event when our beloved brother Dr. (Mrs.) Radha Burnier popularly known as Radha Amma passed to peace.

On 31-10-2013 about 10.00 P.M., I received a phone call from TS Headquarters that Radha Amma has passed to peace. I could not sleep the whole night. I went to the campus early morning on 01-11-2013 and the cremation took place around 2.00 P. M., at Corporation Cremation Ground, Besant Nagar, Madras. Her physical body was dissolved into five elements around 3.00 P. M. I was one among the four bearers of her physical body to be put into the electric cremation oven.

I had many difference of opinions with her all these 40 years but I never found her wrong. She was always ready to correct herself, if properly explained.

She was great! She was an authority on Theosophy. She was a mother to all Theosophists. She broke the idea of the Masters that a woman cannot become an adept.

When her body was placed in the main hall, there was no one except a few persons such as Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, General Manager, Sundari, Maitreya, Radha and a few others. Usually when Radha Amma spoke the hall used to be full with the attendance of all the people who work in the campus with their families. What happened to all of them? She helped all those persons with house, electricity, phone, security, subsided food, allowances, and not to mention the fee paid for their children up to highest level of education.

Her body could not be cremated in the garden of remembrance. The GREAT OFFICIALS at the TS Headquarters declared that they could not get permission from Corporation of Chennai. If only they have asked me, I could have got the permission just like that. Our headquarters officials were like Mr. Kofi Annan of U N O.

She was great. There was no one equal to her. But to place someone in her chair requires certain thinking. If you are not a thinker, please ignore my request.

I have gone through the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations of our The Theosophical Society.

As per Rules 14, the Executive Committee shall consist of not less than seven and not more than ten members, of whom at least six shall be members of the General Council, including the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. Their term is one year only. After the convention date for 2013 is declared and the date is fixed for the meeting of the General Council, the Executive Committee is like a Cat on the Wall. It cannot take any serious decisions, because the General Council need not accept them.

Rule 16 says that the Quorum of an Executive Committee shall be three members. But you all must understand that this minimum quorum is to be used only for ordinary subjects but not to elect a President after the demise of a Very Great President.

I understand by using this quorum of three as stated in Rule-10 (a), the Vice-President, The Treasurer and the Secretary have appointed the Election Committee and started the election process which is inhuman and un-brotherly. This is also an insult to all the General Secretaries of different Sections.

We have our Annual Convention when the General Secretaries of all the Nations will attend. They will choose their own Executive Committee. The election process of either selecting a single person or having an election can be discussed and final decision taken at the General Council Meeting. I do not think there is any person who could shoulder the great responsibility of the Presidential office, as far as I know. A person of flawless understanding of Theosophy, a person who helped every person, like our Radha Amma, a person who lived a perfect life even in her personal life, and lived a very simple life like Mahatma Gandhi and, who lived in a small house with minimum facilities, when she had the entire Empire of the T S at her disposal.

There is one more point. As per section 15 (4) of The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 the term of any elected officer of a society is only three years. So we have to amend Rule 9 of our TS Rules and Regulations from seven years to three years for the term of our President. We have to file this amendment with the Registrar of Societies, Adyar, Madras of The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975. This is very important because we must follow the law of the Nation and it will also give a chance to different Theosophists from different countries to serve in that post. Why not think of giving a chance to every nation instead of only India?

I request the General Council Members to discuss this subject and try to select a person unopposed, and save and honour our tradition, and save Theosophy, Theosophical Society and also its properties all over the world. There is every chance that a wrong person may convert its properties into commercial use. Kindly think.

Thanking You
Fraternally Yours
Mohan Sundar Pandian

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