The Theosophical Society (Adyar)

Letter from Jan Nicolaas Kind

The worldwide Theosophical Society with its headquarters based in Adyar is supposed to be one united Society, notwithstanding all the challenges presented by a diverse international membership.

It follows that the TS Adyar is an international body. Although its links with India are obvious and meaningful, it can never be regarded as just an Indian affair as all members spread out all over the globe are that Society, and share a common responsibility.

The International President naturally holds office at the International Headquarters in Adyar, but to re-iterate, the TS Adyar is unquestionably a united and international organization.

Members of the TS Adyar worldwide, have been painfully tested over the past three years. As from 2008, owing to half-truths, falsifications, prejudice and ignorance, many a good member decided to withdraw temporarily and look elsewhere; apparently it was time for a time-out. An insignificant small group stepped forward, claiming to be the “saviours of the truth”. Needless to say that saviours of truth cannot exist since truth always prevails. These developments caused many hurts, major acrimony ensued with old friendships suddenly breaking up, and sane and sensible voices turned silent.

We are told that by the end of September this year, the Vice-President of the TS Adyar, Linda Oliveira will return to Australia to settle there for good. It is the International President, Radha Burnier who nominates the candidate for the Vice-Presidency (this position to be ratified by the General Council), so it will be interesting to see who Linda Oliveira's successor will be.

The TS Adyar, as one of the major vehicles for the dissemination of theosophia, the perennial wisdom, is emphatically not the property of its International President based in India, or its Vice-President, Executive Committee and General Council; it belongs solely to its members. Those who looked the other way out of complacency, or didn't find the courage to speak out, should consider that this period of apathy is well and truly over. With a major appointment due, an urgent need for reconciliation well overdue, and a world desperately in need of Theosophy, there is no other choice.

It is high time we start talking again, not only with our close friends, but in particular with those who were known to be in disagreement with us and took an opposite stance. It won't always be easy or productive from the start, but it certainly will be worth the effort.

Last update: July 2011
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