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Letter from Jan Nicolaas Kind

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The Editor of the “Theosophy in Slovenia” web site has received the e-mail letter below from Mr. Jan Nicolaas Kind in which he is explaining the policy and clarifying facts about the owner and the administrator of the online blog “Theosophy Forward”. It is therefore the Editor’s opinion that publication of this letter will help “Theosophy in Slovenia” web site readers to a get clearer picture about issues which were mentioned in previously published articles.

Moreover, a few months ago I have also contributed an article for the online magazine “Theosophy Forward” being previously contacted by both its administrator, Mr. S. T. Adelante, and by its owner, Mr. Jan Nicolaas Kind. I felt honored that my views on the future of the Theosophical Society were requested for the online magazine which I consider an important medium, bringing balanced and original perspectives regarding the problems we are facing. And I am very pleased that this contact has further developed into fraternal collaboration.

Theosophy in Slovenia ’s editor and webmaster
Anton Rozman

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Dear Anton Rozman,

Ever since the on-line magazine Theosophy Forward was first published in the first quarter of this year, this has been its official policy:

Theosophy Forward is not to be judged by who is behind it, but solely by its content. 

This policy will be maintained.

These days, and very unfortunately, there is a tendency in Theosophical circles to go after a person, rather than after what that person is trying to convey.

The question as on who is responsible for the publication of the magazine is in essence a legitimate one. That is why I hereby inform you once more that Theosophy Forward is entirely my initiative. I am the site owner and its editor in chief.

Please be aware that this fact is known to many! 

Over the past months a number of people have approached the administrator with the request to pass on more information about the site owner/editor. Except in three specific cases, all were informed promptly and accurately. Through my correspondence with one of the contributors, I can confirm that the International President of the Theosophical Society and other responsible officers at Adyar are informed about my identity.

The suggestion that there is some secret movement or group behind Theosophy Forward is a fallacy.

Maintaining an on-line magazine in two languages is quite an undertaking. I am assisted by one volunteer administrator, a student of the Esoteric Philosophy but not connected with any Theosophical organization, and volunteers who assist with text-editing only. In addition, all the names of the contributors to the magazine are mentioned along with their articles. I work fully independently and do not wish to be part of any controversy, trying to contribute in a positive and constructive manner. It is high time for a new approach.

Concerning the recent article with the title ‘Clarifications about the Planetary Union and Theosophical Society’, published on your site, being a response to an older article by Theo Curans (a pseudonym) on Theosophy Forward, I would like to say the following:

I am delighted that you published this article in full on your site. Obviously, those who signed it do not agree with what Theo Curans had to say; so be it. It’s good that one can take note of what this group is trying to explain and what ideas they are transmitting. It’s up to the individual to read it, read it for a second and third time, so that one can form an opinion. 

I cannot react to the document, but as in regards to what is written at the end of it, under number 1 (notes) I must point out, that with one exception, none of the persons who signed the document ever requested information about the responsible editor. Furthermore, it is interesting that it was undersigned by some of the persons who also undersigned the so called ‘Declaration of Brasilia’, and other staunch supporters, and even one board member of the Planetary Union. I politely have to question their objectivity.  

The issue of the Planetary Union is not an easy one, it is complex. One really needs to observe and take time to study the subject. In that respect I refer to my own contribution in this matter, published on your site entitled “The Freedom of the Society Resolution”.

Finally, about the use of pseudonyms I only wish to state that this, when certain criteria are met, is a fully legitimate procedure and accepted worldwide.

Feel free to place my letter on your excellent web site.

Warm regards,
Jan Nicolaas Kind

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