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Correspondence on violations of Rules

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Former International Secretary Keith Fisher Answers Questions

Serious Allegations of Violations of Rules

Voting Practice and its History within the General Council of the T.S.

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Received by e-mail from a Pseudonym user (theosophist):

The posting at is incomplete and misleading. The rule 5(b) is part of Rule 5 and deals only with Resolutions and not elections. Please let us debate based on facts and not on half-truths! Here is the relevant portion of the rule:

5. Resolutions

(a) On the request of any member of the General Council any resolution or other item of business proposed by such member shall be placed on the Agenda, and circulated with brief supporting statements, for consideration at the next meeting of the General Council, provided that not less than three months' notice of such resolution or item of business shall be given to the Secretary.

(b) At all meetings of the General Council, members thereof may vote in person, or in writing, or by proxy duly given to another member of the General Council for the particular meeting concerned. Except as aforesaid no member shall exercise more than one vote. No member shall be allowed to exercise more than 5 proxy votes.

Note: Meetings include adjourned meetings.

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Recent e-mail:
“Not anonymous contributor but a Pseudonym user”

This was not 'by anonymous contributor' but by a person who has preferred to use a Pseudonym. ... the ... e-mail was from a person who has used the Pseudonym "theosophist". Please, correct and state 'Received by e-mail from a Pseudonym user (theosophist). Many thanks.

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