Why Mother?
Victor Endersby

Theosophical Notes, November, 1951.

"Why did they burn the witch, Mother? Today at the market-place everyone seemed eager for the flames to burn. And yet it seems but yesterday that many called her friend, companion. Why did they burn her?"

"She was a witch."

"But she was kind, Mother, and lovely. She taught me many things, and helped both friend and stranger as she could."

"Sweet ways and outward actions can hide blackness and corruption within. She was a witch."

"Remember the strangers, Mother, that used to stop by her house? Some seemed wonderfully wise, and others smooth and clever, and some were tramps. She talked to them when others looked away and would not help them find the road."

"Yes. Even when the the taint began. You cannot help the beggar in the gutter without getting stained yourself. It isn't right for one on high purpose bent to bother so."

"And Mother, she was brave. She told the priest right out that right is right and wrong is wrong.Oh! he was mad!"

"And rightly so! It is not right to challenge thus. It was not just the priest, my daughter, but you, and I, and all the populace she charged with being blind, or dumb, or hypocrites! To whom, then, should we look, if those in whom we place our love and trust and confidence must answer like a schoolboy in disgrace to every challenger? We must not question - stop!"

"Why not ourselves, my Mother? Must we not take each word of wisdom to our heart, and either live with it or cast it out?"

"That is enough! To think that one I called my daughter questions thus! I must go. The faggoter has just walked by, and I do fear another burning in the market-place."

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